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Correct Compliance offers the following Health & Safety Training programs:

Aerial top-down view of a city crosswalk with a scattering of pedestrians.

Pedestrian Awareness


This program is recommended for people who work around any lifting devices or material handling equipment such as Forklifts, Aerial work platforms and/or in warehouse environments. This will also help ensure that employees working on lifting devices are aware of the dangers and procedures to follow when in these areas. Course length is approximately 4 hours.

Forklift Evaluator Training Program


This one-day evaluator program is designed to provide an individual with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to conduct on-site practical training for Internal Evaluations as required by CSA B-335-15. Course length is approximately 4 hours.

A cropped side view of someone operating an orange forklift. We see their feet on the pedals and some of the skid being carried.
The open battery compartment in a yellow forklift. There are several large batteries connected to each other.
A cropped view of some PPE: the D-ring on a green harness, the locking bolt on a lifeline and a large lanyard clip.

Battery Maintenance & Pre-Shift Inspections


This program is suitable for anyone that is changing, charging or handling batteries within your facility. The program includes proper watering procedures, PPE, applicable legislation & regulations and a practical portion to reinforce the classroom objectives. Course is on-site and is approximately 4 hours.

Topics include:

  • Legislative requirements: Fire Code, OHSA

  • Detailed component breakdown: Plates, Electrolyte etc.

  • Battery weight: Size, Hazards, Safe Handling Procedures

  • Pre-Operational Inspection: Caps, Cables, Connectors, Corrosion

  • Review of proper Personal Protective Equipment

  • Watering Procedures

  • Battery life cycle: Use, Charge, Cooling

  • Charging and Changing Procedures

  • Spill and First Aid Procedures)

  • Practical Component:

    • Demonstration of above techniques specific to company requirements

  • Question & Answer Forum

Fall Protection (Industrial)


This program is recommended for people who work at heights in an Industrial environment.  Aerial work platforms, boom trucks & stock pickers/order pickers require operators to be trained in Fall Protection. Course length is approximately 4 hours and accommodates 12 people maximum; includes a written test.

Topics include:

  • Review accidents and cause

  • Current Legislation and Standards

  • Fall Prevention/Safe Work Environment: Signs, Barriers, Pedestrian Safety

  • Primary and secondary approach to fall protection

  • Body support: Types of harnesses (Group A, D, E, L, P) and the proper use

  • Types of Connectors: Lanyards, snap-hooks, carabiners

  • Fall arrest considerations: Free fall, deceleration distance, safety factor, fall distance clearance calculation

  • “Swing Fall” and its prevention

  • Shock absorbing lanyards: types and how they work

  • Equipment care and maintenance

  • Anchorage points: Engineered vs. Improvised

  • Fall rescue: simple and safe as possible

  • Suspension trauma

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