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The Correct Compliance 3-Day Train the Trainer program is designed to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence to deliver, assess and evaluate training and development. It will provide the trainee with the necessary tools to meet the applicable legislation and standards including:

  • An overview of instructional techniques

  • Adult learning methods

  • Effective use of training aids, etc.


Being a Certified Trainer demonstrates that you have mastered the best practices of training delivery and design.

New operators and employees lacking practical equipment experience are not eligible for the Train the Trainer program.

A purple graphic displaying someone learning how to teach others.

Course Program: 3 days, 4-6 person maximum attendance


Day One


  • Introduction and importance of training

  • Legislation, Standards/Guidelines:

    • New C.S.A. Standard B335-15

    • Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development Guidelines

    • OHSA and Regulation 851

  • Due Diligence (Current Case Law)

  • Initial Presentation For Students

  • Discussion



Day Two


  • Student Presentations

  • Engineering Principles of Design (Stability)

  • Pre-Operating Inspections

  • Safe Operating Procedures

  • Pedestrian Safety

  • Propane Exchange/Battery Care/Maintenance

  • Trailer Loading/Unloading & Dock Safety

  • Homework Assignment



Day Three


  • Final Theory Presentations

  • Adult Teaching Techniques

  • Andragogy versus Pedagogy

  • Training Aids (How/When to use)

  • Effective Communication Techniques

  • Use of Operator Manuals/Tests

  • Questions: How to use them

  • Lesson Plans

  • Program Review (Q & A)

  • Train the Trainer Written Exam 

  • Practical testing & Evaluations with Instructor

  • Setting Up An Effective Test Area


Knowledge Verification: An 80% passing grade is required to receive a certificate.

Evaluation: The Train the Trainer practical evaluation requires each trainee to demonstrate an effective practical evaluation of another person, followed by a personal practical demonstration on each piece of equipment they will be instructing on.

All equipment from the Forklift and AWP Training programs can be covered during the Train the Trainer Program. This program can also be customized to suit your individual business needs/requirements: training times can vary slightly depending on class size, learner needs, etc.  

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